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The Stages of Mobility Maturity
Admin 2018-09-24 Technology

The process of moving toward this new, mobile future will be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Maturity will typically be reached in four stages:

  • The first stage is to establish basic electronic business communications which incorporate voice, email and messaging; this foundation stage has been completed by most companies, although the individual communications channels may not be fully integrated.

  • The second stage is to establish remote access to business information, using laptops, smart hand-held devices and corporate intranets; many companies have also reached this level, thanks to the popularity of telecommuting and other work-from-home programs.

  • The third stage adds mobile access options for various business information applications, such as CRM systems; this is the current level of mobilization maturity for most large enterprises, and the one that is getting the lion’s share of attention.

  • The fourth stage introduces real-time mobile workforce collaboration, with powerful remote conferencing and rich data sharing; this is the world of unified communications, in which the basic communications channels introduced in stage one are integrated in a way that maximizes their responsiveness and agility.

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