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Taste of Hunger
Admin 2018-09-24 Society

Wasting of anything is not at all a good habit. Wasting food is a heinous crime against human race in a world where people die without food. Thanks to the efforts of global organizations and agencies, food waste and food loss are being discussed widely to find out solutions. Food loss and food waste are to be tackled at different levels. More concerted and coordinated efforts are inevitable to prevent food loss. This may happen at the time of harvest, during transportation and so on. There are limitations for the individual to curb food loss. But at the same time individuals can play a great role to realize the goal of prevention of food waste. Majority of people are not aware of the tragic consequences of food waste. Worldwide scenario of food loss and food waste is alarming. Rough estimate shows that one in three persons is not getting enough food. Forget about the nationwide or global actions to prevent food loss. Every individual can contribute to a great extent to stop food waste that can be termed as diabolical crime against humanity.

Just think of the effort to produce a spike of corn, a tuberous root, pulses, legumes, any fruit or for that matter, any edible. At the same time, the share of other factors including resources like water, time required to get yield, adverse circumstances during this period, natural calamities etc. should not be forgotten. Wasting food simply means disrespect and disgrace to the toil and vigil endured by the people concerned to produce those crops. Leave alone the case of resources etc. Hypocrisy and false prestige contribute greatly to food waste. Many are hesitant to order items in low quantity especially at hotels and such public places. It seems some are under the impression that this will belittle them among others. The argument “we are paying for it” is totally absurd, to put it mildly.

Forgetting the total effort, time and related hardships to cultivate the ingredients of the food item you ordered cannot be justified. One has to bear in mind that it was not produced exclusively according to his/her order. Understanding the full effort to produce those ingredients as a whole provides an entirely different picture. 

A story in circulation is worth sharing in this context. A teacher casually asks his students which food is tastier. Students gave the names of food items that relish them. Teacher turns his attention to a student who comes from a very poor family and contributing his little mite to help his parents. He hesitantly stood up and said: “Hunger. Hunger makes any eatable tasty’’. That answer really is an eye opener to all those who waste food. 

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