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Riddle of Life
Admin 2018-09-19 Health

Certain news or incidents which we happen to come across make us really shocked. It may take some time to come out of the numbness caused by that. Such incidents make us to ponder the meaning or rather meaninglessness of life; The futility of egoism and pomposity. Oh! No, I am not at all trying to demoralize you or trying to subject you to a spiritual discourse.

As mentioned earlier, before coming out of the numbness caused by that shocking news this type of thoughts may come to anybody's mind. It is not unnatural I presume. It is true that we hear, read or see daily many pathetic stories of people. But, this is somewhat different from all those. 
Recently, during a conversation my friend informed me the predicament of our common friend. When my friend rang up that common friend as there was no news from him for a long time, he himself revealed the reason hesitantly. He was busy consulting with doctors -- He is unable to lie down whether to take rest or to sleep, because of suffocation. Doctors diagnosed that the problem is with his heart. Two or three "blocks " that are almost 100% in the blood vessels. But, the painful truth is that doctors ruled out the chance of surgery. They have prescribed medicines and advised him not to lie down. Imagining such a situation itself is horrible. But now he sleeps on an easy chair.

This is the background that made me to think about the human life and human behavior in a philosophical angle, if it can be termed like that. Think of the arrogance of some people who behave as if they are above everything just because of their wealth and power. Many forget that all material gains acquired in this world are perishable and nobody can take along with him/her even a pin when leaving this world. The moment a person can't stand and walk erect everything will be upside down. It is not exaggeration that there are people who can buy anything they want with their money and power but unable to eat their favorite food items because of diseases and diet restrictions. 

This reminds us the proverb "Health is Wealth". One may be able to buy anything but health. Having good health and able to live peacefully and happily is a blessing.

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