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Let us Play Our Role
Admin 2018-09-24 Environment

In the present day world one need not be an environmentalist to understand the importance of environment protection. Most of the people are aware that extreme changes in climate is related with deforestation, river pollution, sand mining etc.  Terms such as ozone layer depletion, green gas emission have become familiar words.  This shows the increased level of awareness about environment among people.  But this awareness level is not at all consolatory when considering the severity and gravity of the issue.  As another “World Environment Day” passed by on June 5, countries and people should make an introspection about their role in deteriorating the situation and find out possible remedial measures. U S President Donald Trump’s statement to abandon Paris Agreement on climate change cast a shadow on this year’s World Environment Day. Being a hard-won agreement to make the world safer, the consequences of U S President’s decision will be far reaching and affecting future generations. Nobody expected such an action. The objective of this landmark agreement adopted by 195 countries on December 12, 2015, is to prevent an increase in the global average temperature and keep it below 2 degree C. Paris Agreement which replaced Kyoto Protocol was ratified last November. As far as the financial side is concerned, developing countries need huge funds to adapt and mitigate climate changes effected by global warming. Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the U N Fund for developed countries to route funds to developing countries for this purpose. The crucial factor is that United State’s decision to exit from the agreement would impede global initiatives to curb global warming.  Reports point out that U S is responsible for 21% of the current carbon stock in the atmosphere.  

As we know this year’s theme of World Environment Day is “Connecting People to Nature – in city and on the land,  from the poles to the equator “.  U N designated June 5 as World Environment Day and started celebrating this day since 1974. This year’s theme inspires us to go out and see nature around us. Just relax and ponder on the position of human beings in the nature. With the scientific advancement and resultant achievements it seems people started to forget the fact that they are just another inhabitants of earth. The disrespect and destruction of environment by the so-called civilized and highly advanced people are disgraceful to total humanity. The avarice of man is the main reason for the pathetic situation of this planet. In a world where money rule the roos, expecting otherwise would be ridiculous.  

There is every reason to assume that our past generations were more considerate towards environment. In our quest to conquer every thing and amass wealth we forget the truth that this life is mere transitory. Instead of respecting Mother Nature for her bounty, we are destructing environment without any considerations by our deeds. Irrational activities in the name of development make irrecoverable losses to environment and would make the life of our children and grandchildren unbearable. In this context, words such as renewable energy, sustainable development, eco-friendly attitude etc, become more meaningful. But we are forgetting the simple truth that we are indebted to environment and it is our duty to preserve nature and pass on to next generation conducive for happy and healthy life. Trying to measure this effort in terms of money is illogical. With all humility we have to accept that certain things are beyond that limit. How can we redeem nature’s gift like clean air and natural water or rather how can we fix the price of such gifts. It is our duty to use them cautiously and preserve them. As Secretary General of U N Antonio Guterres said “we all have a role to play in protecting our only home. We can use less plastics, drive less, waste less food and teach each other to care”. Let us play our role seriously and responsibly.  

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